Yet More Pop-Up Video
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A second new season of Pop-Up Video started today on VH1. (Previously, recommended) Videos featured in today's two half-hour shows include Katy Perry "The One That Got Away", Jet - "Are You Gonna Be My Girl", and Alanis Morrisette - "Hands Clean".

The VH1 subsite still features previously aired videos from the past, and still lets you make your own pop-up video. (And lets you watch ones others have made.)
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Symphorophilia. I learn the most interesting things watching that show.
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Oh yay, another region-locked post. Good thing no one outside the US of A has the internet or anything.
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Yeah, my apologies if you can't do anything with this post because you're outside the US. There's really no way for me to check these things, just like there's no way for people living in their own countries to check to see if those outside that country can access material they might be linking.

It's not intentional, and learning that it's region-locked makes me sad. I'm sorry.
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I am aware that there's an invention called television, and on this invention they show shows.
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I love Pop-Up Video, because it combines two of my biggest interests: trivia, and bubbles.
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Region locked! Fiends!

That's okay. Anything that keeps Jet well away from me.
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I am unashamedly thrilled about this. I love popup video.

Now more Behind the Musics!
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Google Video needs to implement some sort of geo-watchability-rating system.
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Pop-up video was great. I learned a lot about the artists I loved and loathed from that program (and Beavis and Butthead) back in the halcyon days when songs were accompanied by imagery on the tellyvision. I'm glad it has returned.
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As an introspective, introverted little bookworm, pop-up video taught me so much of what I know about pop culture, and how to appreciate pop culture, and then how to use that to relate to other kids. I love that show so much. Looking forward to new episodes.
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I couldn't see the original pop-ups because of a Volkswagen pop-up ad. What a twist!
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Pop-Up Video makes even the worst songs and videos tolerable. Just when your ears are about to melt here comes another bubble: Creed bassist Brian Marshall co-owns a B&B in Costa Rica.
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Why? Why did you do this? I'm supposed to working. How insensitive of you!
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Pop-Up Video Jersey Shore
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Phone call for Jet? Yes, it's AC/DC from 1979, and they want their riffs back.
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Hurray! This is awesome!
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Thanks for this post.

VH1, especially pop-up video, was influential in my musical upbringing. As a pre-adolescent (8-13) in the mid-late 90s, VH1 was one of my primary sources of music. While waiting for NTJL tennis practice down the street to start in the summer, making my lunch every day before going to school (cardiovideo), or idly sitting on the couch watching TV in the summer, VH1 (and often pop-up video) was often on.

Lisa Loeb (Firecracker, one of the first CDs that I bought with my own money - and its salacious album cover!), Sheryl Crow (esp. everyday is a winding road), Sarah Maclachan - aida, OMC - How Bizaare, semisonic - closing time, no doubt - don't speak, r.e.m. - losing my religion (I remember totally pretending to be Michael Stipe with an air guitar), Duncan Sheik - barely breathing, Madonna - ray of light (my favorite song of hers), counting crows - mr. jones, david gray - babylon, Jewel, tom petty and the heartbreakers - last dance with mary jane, weezer - buddy holly.

pop-up video also exposed me to a few 80s songs (david bowie - china girl), cyndi lauper - time after time, tears for fears - head over heals, tracy chapman - fast car, that I would otherwise, not have fallen in love with.

VH1 and pop-up video built the soundtrack of my life as an 8-12 year old.
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Phone call for Jet? Yes, it's AC/DC from 1979, and they want their riffs back.

Pay no attention to the noise in the background on that call that sounds like someone pounding on the door. Yes, Mick Taylor and Keith Richards, we can hear you knocking.
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(More to the point, though, can somebody tell Angus Young he can just keep the copy of Tres Hombres I let him borrow? I'm pretty sure he's worn it out at this point.)
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