"An Engagement at the ICA"
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MeFi's Own Jack and Teresa Got Engaged. [via mefi projects]

Direct link to the video.
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Mazel tov!
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:) That was sweet. Congrats guys.
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This is especially touching because it echoes (reverses?) a previous, super-cute video they made together: Long Way Home.
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Very sweet! Some nice kissing at the end...
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I love love love this. Shine on, you crazy kids.
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I haven't actually watched the video yet, but I fully endorse the idea that a wedding proposal is a project (since this FPP is via MeFi Projects). I know that I felt like I was planning some kind of super secret operation while trying to plan my incredibly simple proposal, so congrats to you both, and good luck on the next project. It's the one the counts (the marriage, I mean, not necessarily the wedding).
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I'm a sucker for romance. Congrats on the pending nuptials.
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asnider: "good luck on the next project"

"A Conception at the ICA" followed relatively promptly by "An Internment at the County Jail".
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Oh shucks. Thank you guys so much. I'll let Teresa know this is up here.

Of course I wouldn't have proposed at all -- let alone in front of so many people -- if I wasn't pretty confident she'd say yes. And I knew that after it happened we'd still be paying the same bills and living in the same house more or less the same way. So this project kind of started because I wanted to add weeks of stress and anxiety to what was feeling too much like a looming non-event.

It certainly succeeded at that, and the engagement itself has brought us joy beyond words. But it's also been such a gift to share our joy with family members and friends and strangers -- to know that other people are joining us in that moment, and somehow believing in the crazy project we're undertaking. It feels like something we'll have to spend our lives living up to.

Maybe I'll look back at all this when I sober up and feel just a little silly. But for now ... well, we're over the moon. Thanks for joining us up here.
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That was teeth-achingly sweet. Congratulations!
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My softy interior (under a pretend cynical hard bitten exterior) is smiling ear to ear. This is wonderful! Congratulations!
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jhc you have a pretty fiancée, and some very cooperative friends. Best wishes.
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Mazel tov! (The first half gave me Curiosity flashbacks...in a good way.) :)
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Aw, how sweet. Congratulations! May you have many happy years together.
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"He'd marry us if he had the chance."
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