Best Cat Fort EVAAAARR
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How do you cheer up a cat-loving teenage cancer patient who misses her kitty? With the Cat Immersion Project for Maga. Brought to you by Seattle Children's Hospital and 3000+ people who sent in photos of their cats. [via ZeFrank]
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I was imagining a ball pit, but cats.
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People, and cats, can be pretty damn awesome when they want to be.
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It's like you hollowed out r/ aww and slid inside it.
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Hate to see the hospital bill for 3,000 cat scans
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Aww, thank you kitties!
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I don't know how these people got their cats wedged in this immersion project.

But I do know why.
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Related Seattle Children's awesomeness: Cancer Patients Sing Their Strength in “Stronger” Music Video.

Seattle Children's quite likely saved my daughter's life. It's a hell of a place to spend a month, let alone as long as many of these folks have to be there. The wonderful staff make it more bearable.
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Today I mentioned on FB that I would not argue with cat pictures (my friends on FB already know that I am going through a very hard time. Not, you know, cancer hard, I'll be okay), and I got a lot of cat pictures. They made me feel a little better for part of the day.

This is clearly medical science backing up my desire.
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It's like a cat iron lung but less irony.
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This is probably a highly stupid question, but why can't Merry come to visit Maga? Do they live too far away from Seattle? Are the medical folk worried about possible zoonosis if Maga (or other kids) has compromised immunity? Or is it that like many cats, Merry isn't thrilled by visiting strange places?

I ask just because hospitals and nursing homes in my area often have resident dogs and cats, to say nothing of the many therapy dogs that visit.
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Thanks. I'm especially glad the immersion included purring, one of nature's great curative substances.
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I completely understand both the medical rationale for and Maga's delight at the kitten immersion, because reenacting this scene is on my bucket list.
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Children's is awesome. A hard job worth doing well. Really amazing folks.
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God, now I miss my old cat.
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This is delightful.

During her preparation for the marrow transplant, Maga's immune system was not simply weakened, it was destroyed. For a short period of time she didn't even have a blood type.

The Cancer ward in Seattle is staffed by wonderful people. They are the best!
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I am not sick at all, but please sign me up for a few hours in the cat tent please.

Yay for everyone who made this possible for Maga. That really seems like the next best thing to being with actual cats.
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Oh, gosh, I wish I'd known about this and it hadn't been on Facebook, since I don't book my face — I'd definitely have submitted photos, as well as audio of Penelope the melodious getting all Pet me now, monkey!. (The rubbing noises are her rubbing her chin on the cat tree.)
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I couldn't take more than thirty seconds of that video, or I'd be blubbing and I have to work today.

why can't Merry come to visit Maga?

When my wife was in hospital and had been for well over a month and missing our cats dearly, the nurses told us we could 'smuggle' them in, but it wouldn't have been fair on them. the poor loves would've frightened out of their already tiny minds. Instead I got her a little stuffed cat, which was promptly disemboweled by a neighbour's cat once she had come home...
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I wish I understood why cancer shuts down our sense of parsimony. It's a horrible disease and it sucks that it happens to kids, but so are pediatric diabetes, pediatric epilepsy, and if you shut down the g-d controversy for a while, pediatric ADHD and bipolar.

I know kids getting sick is sad in se et per se, but pediatric diabetes seriously impairs normal childhood behavior (kid can't play outside for more than a few minutes or she faints. I've seen that, and it broke my heart). And we neuro-fucked people can't get any love -- what, there are large drives to cure HIV in Africa, but there's nothing to be said about the mystery nodding disease and, hell, epilepsy, manic depression and schizophrenia, which in all likelihood affect people at the same rates as in everywhere else, but simply aren't considered a priority. It's death for no reason and death for no reason is murder...
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