The Spy Who Loved
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Christine Granville was, at least apocryphally, Winston Churchill's favourite spy. Born Maria Krystyna Janina Skarbek, daughter of a charming but dissolute Polish aristocrat and a Jewish banking heiress, she was described in 1939 as "a flaming Polish patriot … expert skier and great adventuress". So she was.
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How many history books contain, and then go on to justify, the sentence "It would not be the only trained patrol dog she subverted"? The second dog, Mulley reports straight-faced, permanently switched allegiance and remained on the Allied side for the rest of the war.

WHY isn't this out in the US???
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Jesus Christ, what an outrageously ignominious end to a remarkable life.
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How do they know the dog defected? Did Churchill and Hitler stand on either side of a meadow and call it?
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How do they know the dog defected?

It started barking in an English accent
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So "woof woof" instead of "Vuf Vuf" ?
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We just got this book in at the library where I work. Such a sad end. Unfortunately the book is a request so I won't be able to grab it for a while. Sounds fascinating.
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If ever I were to prepare a list of eight virtual ideal guests to invite to a supper party, this woman would be on it. Phew.
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