RIP Jason Noble
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Diagnosed in 2009 with synovial sarcoma, Jason Noble of Rodan, Rachel's, and Shipping News passed away August 4th. Video: Rodan, Rachel's, Shipping News.
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By all accounts he was a great guy, we even saw some evidence of it on Ask.
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I love, love, love Rachel's.

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Damn. Sad, sad news.
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Yeah. I was wondering if an FPP was going to surface for Jason. He certainly deserves a big one.

The proceeds from the Jason Noble Benefit, initially conceived to raise money for his treatment, will now go to his surviving family.
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Also, a moving remembrance from Corey Rusk, the head of Quarterstick/Touch & Go Records, Jason's musical home for many years.
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The comments on the AV Club article will be useful for anyone like me who wants to go back for a post-rock brush-up.

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I'd never heard of him before this FPP, and now I'm really sorry about that.

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This made me incredibly sad, and incredibly angry. I've only met Jason a handful of times, but he used to be a close friend of my brothers, unfortunately I had to break the news to him.

He will be incredibly missed, and the world is a much crappier place without him.
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It is.

I found out Monday and have looked at mefi a few times thinking that someone would post something. I wish that I had the time to really give the post the devotion and care it deserved. Those qualities were evident in his music and from what I've heard in him as well. I think Rodan and the Rachel's as topics could each make for wonderful FPPs in their own right.

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I have a blurry memory of seeing Shipping News about 10 years ago at the Khyber (or North Star Bar?) in Philly. I was pretty into the so-called "post-rock" sound at the time, and had just hit the age where I could actually go see all these talented musicians perform in clubs. I remember enjoying the performance quite a bit. Unfortunately, some combination of drinking, smoking, not eating, and a hot crowded room caused my then-girlfriend to pass out in the middle of the show. Needless to say, we left the venue soon after.

It may not sound like it, but this is a really great memory that I have. I deeply appreciate all the wonderful music that Jason and his many collaborators and friends produced over the years. I'm so sorry for this loss.

Now I want to find my copy of Rachel's Systems/Layers album, which I always associate with the rainy drive from my grandfather's funeral service to the cemetery. Sadly, kind of appropriate, I guess.

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Jason was a great guy, a great musician, and a great friend. I moved out of town the day before he passed, and got the call while unpacking at my new place. I'm actually glad I'm not at home, because I don't know that I could handle seeing a community he was so important to in the wake of his death.

If people are interested and unaware of it, you might like to read the columns he'd been writing for a local paper, The Leo. I can't link right now, but should have them. His grace, kindness, and intelligence while in the throes of illness is testament to his character.

We all miss him a great deal. Even with two or so years to steel ourselves, I don't think we were at all prepared for this.

Thanks a lot for this post. It's nice to be reminded that his impact was felt outside of our local scene.
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Big bummer. Hadn't heard about this, so thanks for posting.
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Shipping News was a big part of my transformation from metal/hardcore kid to well-rounded music listener, and I had the privilege of seeing both them and Rachel's in concert. Thank you, Jason.

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Always liked his music. Going to have to watch Half Cocked again in memoriam.

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The Sea and the Bells always made me tear up, especially "His Eyes", which is unbearably hard to listen to right now. Really sorry to hear about this.
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