If “Erotic” is in the title of any kind of convention, it will actually be the opposite.
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These photos are surprisingly humane. I halfway expected this to be making fun, but they do a wonderful job of showing what's great about these conventions and these people.
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I enjoyed these! Thank you very much.
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Why, exactly, have I not been attending Geek Girl Con? This is unfathomable; look, it is my people, staring at me through the internet.
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It might have been a mistake for humanity to have switch to internal combustion engines rather than staying with steam technology—but maybe not, there’s also the dystopia of pollution from having to cut down forests to heat boilers.

The beauty of external combustion engines that is that it's easy to change your fuel source. Sun boilers!
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HempFest. Oh man.
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Oh hey the con is happening today. Well, guess I need to, um, go to sleep so I can wake up and go to it!

In other news the best cat is the giant Maine Coon, but the best cat + person pairing is the woman in the red plaid with the multicolored bracelets echoing her cat's multicolored collar with matching hair/ear style and exact looks of concerned dismay at the thought of posing. Reading the series info and the article you linked to, it seems that this wasn't in any way done on purpose, which makes it much better.
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“People always ask others, ‘What do you do? They should be asking, ‘Who are you?’”

This series is great.

The person I find most interesting is the lady with a cat at HempFest. I always wanted to go wandering with my feline buddy but don't think he could handle it.
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These are great! I was expecting there to be some undercurrent of "oh, look, weirdo people" or something, but it's just straight up "hey, y'all, get your dork on" for whatever people are dorking out about. (train guys, you keep on keeping on, man.)
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Yeah, me too. I was really expecting it to be mean-spirited, but I think this is a pretty objective lens. Thanks, fearfulsymmetry.
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Are... are guys allowed at Geek Girl Con?
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I actually disagree - I went hoping to like these, and found him less sympathetic to who these people think they are than many photographers of the sort. maybe it's just because I am viewing on the tiny screen of my phone? I rather prefer Julian Cash's photos of Burners.
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I really like that for a motto, "Get your dork on!". Much better than "YOLO".

Also, it's obligatory:

Metafilter: Get your dork on!
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These are great!
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hahaha, best cat show attendee
No, wait...
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Cat shows are scary places. It's not that the cat ladies and gentlemen are creepy, it's that they are cutthroat.
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Oh man, do I ever want this hat!
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I would love to see his shots of some more conventional conventions too: real estate people, dentists, teachers, programmers. In my experience these gatherings also have their fair share of remarkable characters.
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I wonder how much of Catcon's budget goes into establishing a non-cat-permeable perimeter. There have to be runners to deal with.
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cmoj: "Are... are guys allowed at Geek Girl Con?"

As someone that attended last year and is attending this year, yes.
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that male touhou from the sakuracon thing seems like a decent guy
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