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"Peter Aaslestad is both a free-lance photographer and an internationally recognized historic preservation consultant specializing in the use of architectural photogrammetry to document existing buildings."

View the world with his eyes.
His Pictures of Staunton (Virginia), for example, contain examples of meticulously straightened-out architecture pictures both in color and black and white, but also quirky or quasi-snapshotty pics and photos that appear to be taken with rather archaic equipment.

His aerial photography site seems to be part of a larger project, Virginia Aerial Photography that is worth a study of its own (Abstract views of the Shenandoah valley inside).

The sub-sites are plentiful, and include travel pictures from France, examples of architectural Hybrid Drawings, and event photography, and on top of everything a blog, with background info and pictures about his various projects.
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More like photos that appear to be taken with instagram.

But anyway, I feel like you buried the most interesting thing here, the photogrammetry, with a bunch of other random photos the guy takes.

With that exception, I don't see anything particularly notable or outstanding about this particular photographer.
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I've done photogrammetry loads. His is pretty good but not abnormal.
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Certainly nothing special about that photography...
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meticulously straightened-out architecture pictures

Not to take away from the artistry or anything, but 'meticulously' may be a slight overstatement. Straightening out distortions (either with software or with a tilt/shift bellows) takes literally two seconds.
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