Bill Shatner speaks
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Jeff Greenwald, author of Future Perfect: How Star Trek Conquered Planet Earth, conducted an interview with William Shatner. Comes in both coherent and full Shatner mode versions.
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the Nepalese runs

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Hallucinogenic drugs? I think some people [Shatner, Bill Murray] are just that on their own, when they free them selves to be.
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I will now be using "full Shatner" to describe my mood when I am in "full Shatner". Cool and entertaining post.
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Thanks for this. The contrast between the two interviews is great.

Loved this:
The lesson is this: You never know what you can accomplish until you try. The problem is—what people don't talk about—is that a fair number of times, you fail. You try to climb K2, and you die. I faced that fear and was successful. There is a great deal to be gained by trying something that you’re horribly afraid of—because even if you do fail, you've learned something. Even if it’s that you don’t want to fail again!

It's easy to say “no.” Saying “yes” embodies risk. Yes to new ideas, yes to new opportunities, yes to doing a one-man show in whatever town I’m in. That's what my whole show is about: saying yes.

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Q: In your roles there's often a commanding tone; you’re cast as the man in charge. Is that who you really are?
It never used to be. But what has happened is, though I still realize I don't know what I’m doing, I've come to the conclusion that nobody else does, either—[nobody] knows what they're doing or knows what I’m doing. So in that mass confusion, there has to be a voice saying, "Well, here's where I am.”
I like this. And, it reminds me a bit of the Corbomite Maneuver.
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One day I realized that William Shatner and Leonard Cohen were both Jewish Montrealers, born within just a few years of each other, who went to McGill. The world became a little stranger that day.
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And they're both talk-singers. Oh my God.
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If you go full Shatner, you are more likely to Skycrane the problem.
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The man is a treasure.
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I don't think I knew that Shatner was from a Jewish background until I saw The Captains.
Nimoy had never kept it a secret, what with his gang signs and stuff (and he's looked and sounded incredibly "jewish" as he's aged, but that might be William Bell speaking), but I wonder if Shatner hid it for some reason? Or was I dazzled by Kirk's Iowa charm?

Either way, I like how both men are just doing whatever the hell they want to do, because they're old, man.
(Actually, Takei too... )
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Now somebody has got to start a band called Joe's Frog Five...
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This is a great example of the process of writing and how one makes someone sound a lot more coherent through the magic of editing.

But hell yeah, "full Shatner" is entertaining to read.

Man, I want a one woman show. Nepalese runs or not, that still sounds fun to me. But I'm a sicko.
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