The Lego Story
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Ole was a toymaker. My 8-year-old Lego fan found this charming short movie (SLLegoTube) about the company's history. Happy near-80th, Lego!
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Yay! I have an 8-year-old LEGO fan in my life who will be totally excited.
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I just came in here to say legos. legos, legos, legos. Uncapitalized, plural legos.

Why? Because I am so fucking sick of legos. I hate legos. When I visit my nephews I steal their legos, just a few at a time, but the special ones - you know? - the ones that are pre-shaped to serve some explicit, pre-defined purpose because legos aren't legos anymore, they're just really shitty plastic models.

And sometimes my nephews cry and say, "I can't find the Lego brick that goes there!" And I say, "Yeah. Legos suck, don't they?" Someday they'll listen. I'm going to keep stealing their legos until they listen.
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I watched the whole thing because I wanted to know the story, but that was creepy as hell.
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Bingo! Thanks, Max Udargo!

(P.S., you're wrong.)
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