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Passacaglia by Georg Muffat, a noteworthy Austrian Baroque composer.

(played by Andreas Staier [harpsichord warning])

The piece is part of Muffat's Apparatus Musico-Organisticus which is available in various versions, including the full facsimile of the original print from 1690 here. (some pages of this piece are jumbled in the original, but none missing).

Other Passacagilas: by
Louis Couperin (also harpsichord),
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (violin solo).

And finally a Passacaglia for baroque orchestra, again by Muffat.
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Thanks for posting... I needed that violin solo with my tea! In return, here's a Handel Passacaglias on harp. I saw a great performance of this as a harp solo a few months back; it was lovely... and donations only. It's rather astonishing how much good live music is available at little or no cost if you plug into your local music scene. (Of course, if you can donate generously, please do.)
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Battlestar Passacaglia (and variation)
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And its cousin, the Chaconne!
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Very nice on a day that needed some stress release.
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Don't forget Shostakovich's moving passacaglia movement from his first violin concerto.
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And one from Robert Fripp
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Of course, Bach's Passacaglia and fugue in C minor. One of the greatest organ pieces of all time, but also fantastic in Respighi's orchestration.

I also like Buxtehude's Passacaglia in D minor, especially in this transcription for two harpsichords.
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This one's not a Passacaglia, but a Ciaccona by Merula. Love.
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Here's a very nice recording of a Handel Pascagalia on classical guitar. It has remarkable sound (mostly due to the stairwell it's being recorded in), in spite of the fact that it appears to be from a VHS dub.
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