Photographs will always depict connections, a mirrored image of life through his/her lens.
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Christina Garcia Rodero was the first female Spanish photographer to join Magnum. She mainly specializes in projects involving Ritual.
Whether Maria Lionza in Venezuela.
Catholic Spain - The Sacred and the Profane.
Ritual in Haiti. or Burning Man (slideshow).
Here is a short video of stills of her project Espana Oculta and another (9mins) and a further project Between Heaven and Earth with Video.
Interviews in Spanish and English 1; 2
( Some NSFW some repeats).
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Outstanding post, what great pictures. I'm fascinated by ritual and the many varied and strange ways people "worship"; her work is gonna keep me busy for a LONG while.
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Wow. Just wow.
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Thank you for this!
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These are fantastic. Thanks!
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I think I'm over draping this thought with carefully considered criticism to show how aware I am of its faults: I fucking love burning man.

I also typically reject the idea that I'm going there to worship anything other than awesomeness, but in a way I think I'm going this year to worship adversity. In one particular way it's a really hard time in my life, and I think persevering through white outs, heat, and wind sounds fucking fantastic right now.

Earlier today I wrote

Sorry to everyone else, but: bring it, playa.
Weather is adversity I can fight.
Weather is adversity we fight together.
Weather survival - and finding enjoyment in the fight - is how we say "No! I don't give up! you can't beat me!".
I'm good at it, and in a way that is exactly what I need.

That does almost sound like worship, in some way or another.

or maybe I'm just really hungry. which I also am.
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