It's Geek-O-Ween!
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It's Geek-O-Ween! Looking for the perfect costume? This could be it! Download it now! (Stolen from FatWallet Forums.)
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For some reason this reminds me of the voice changer toy that one of the wookies got in the The Star Wars Holiday Special. Having seen the show again as an adult, I can see that it was bad in a way that is impossible to articulate, but when I was a kid, I sure did want one of those voice changer things. For those who want to take a stroll down memory lane: offers the whole show for download (18.4MB total). It's a glorious 25 kbps realvideo file. The extremely low quality appropriately maximizes the amount of suffering.
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The best Halloween costume I've heard about this year was done by one of my friends.

He (and a buddy, for the hard to write areas) wrote the exact phrases from Memento on his own body (using a semi-permanent marker!), dyed his hair a bit blonder, and took regular photographs (no polaroid available) of similar scenes matching ones from the movie (and wrote on the back of them, and burned one of the photos). The only thing he forgot to do was compile a file folder with crossed-off sentences and official documents.

He didn't win the costume contest, and only 4 people out of the 200 there even understood the costume.

I assume (it was in a different city, so I wasn't there) that he started ever conversation with "I have this condition..."

Yogurt, if you're curious, it was Ian.
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Dr Rocket Presents: 4 Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes- I'm so going as the "Girls Gone Wild" Superstar.
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I was at a party Saturday that featured an evil Teletubbie (more evil than the rest) that was black, had a tri-dent for an antennae, and a laptop lcd screen on it's belly playing a home-made DVD. The guy was about 9 feet tall.
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