A photographic essay on modern day Slavery
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Lisa Kristine, a photographer, gives a thoughtful and very moving talk on the extent of modern day slavery in this TEDx talk. The photos she shows are absolutely beautiful and the bare-bones stories behind them are exceptionally hard to hear at times. The group she is working with, Free the Slaves, seems to be doing a lot of good work and working on real solutions for the people involved (such as the one example she gives where the slaves that were freed carried on doing the same work, the only work they had ever known, but rent the quarry themselves and are now the recipients of the profits etc). She has published a book with these photos as well and it's available on her website.
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I took the survey. Now I feel like an asshole.
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Aww, don't do that. You're not an asshole. Okay, maybe you are but I think that feeling like that is a good sign you're not. I'm sure I'm a bigger one than you though, I scored a 44. (And thanks stoneweaver, great site.)
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I highly recommend A Crime So Monstrous. It gives a really good idea of the variation in forms of slavery. He recommends Free the Slaves and worked with them some for the book.
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