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Ever wonder what an artist and journalist takes to war? It starts with a few pencils… (PDF) Richard Johnson, war artist for the National Post shows what he's taking to Afghanistan. via Nag On The Lake
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What a gig. What bravery to go to such a place in the service of art. Impressed he sketched out the contents as well.

Makes the content of my daily artsack look woefully amateur, but never mind.

Reminds me of something I once read about John Singer Sargent in the fields of World War 1. He asked the CO if they took Sundays off from the fighting. As he felt it would be uncivilized not to do so.
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Here is his journal, with illustrations, at the National Post.
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Is there any possibility that the mods could move the "(PDF)" warning to be right after the link? I would've right-clicked or done something else differently to view it if I'd known right off the bat it was a PDF. Thanks!
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He should use sandpaper glued to a small piece of cardboard or a plastic scraper, rather than various knives, for a sharpener. Those prismacolor pencils are awesome in the rain, way better than any other brand in the field.
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No bandannas, ripstop repair tape, Sugru silicone putty, or Sharpie markers? I can barely go from Seattle to Portland without at least one of each!
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