as if he just fell asleep watching the game
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Team Spirit is a short documentary by Errol Morris about the funerals of passionate sports fans. (SLYT)
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It's got that Errol Morris touch to it, but I have to say (maybe this is the ESPN touch?), that it feels a little bit too quick paced and choppy for his style.
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Is this Phillip Glass, too?
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Wait, why would they not bury bodies with shoes on?
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I don't know why, but I think it's pretty standard.
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Not long ago, I would have snarked all over this. In fact, I remember first reading about MLB caskets in a SkyMall catalog while trapped on the tarmac, and thinking End-of-Civilization type thoughts.

As it happens, though, I was blue the other day, and for the first time in years, I decided to play some 8-bit Zelda 1. It had been a long time, but I've had the layout memorized for, oh, twenty-five, twenty-seven years now. As I started to relax, I caught myself thinking: I wish they could scatter my ashes in the Overworld.

I'm not much of a gamer, honestly, but the worlds of certain video games are as tangible to me as my parents' backyard -- and I spent just as much time there when I was a child. Would it be so strange to want your ashes scattered in one of your favorite childhood places? Just today, this lovely sidebarred comment made it clear to me how much sports can mean to children and to families, in a way I personally never knew. (My family is close, but we are genetically not team people of any kind.) All in all, I can't feel so much disdain for this anymore.

Still, I couldn't help imagining Lisa the Cowboys lady as a zombie, and it is not going to be good for my dreams tonight.
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8.5 minute short? I wonder what Mr. Morris made on this little ditty. $20k? More?
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Better the Stillers than the Iggles.
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Not gonna lie, I was tempted by the Orioles casket.
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The Baltimore Ravens is the only team that'll lend some dignity to the proceedings.
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8.5 minute short? I wonder what Mr. Morris made on this little ditty. $20k? More?

How much would you have to pay Errol Morris to make it worthwhile for him to spend his time on a given (small) project rather than spending that time working on something else (e.g. doing a portion of work on a full-length film)? I really have no idea. Whatever it is, if someone's willing to pay him that amount of money, that's fine with me.
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