Lost Psychedalia
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New York based AutoSalvage put out one album in 1968, and then disappeared. The instrumentation on the brilliant self titled album included krummhorn, recorder, banjo and dulcimer. The band, which first formed in 1966, was "discovered" by Frank Zappa when the Mothers of Invention toured the East Coast in 1967. He liked their song "AutoSalvage" and encouraged them to use the title as their band name. They were signed by RCA Victor and put out one single followed by their album. The record was recorded at the RCA studio on the new 1' 8 Track machine.They disbanded after a mere year and a half, a great psychedelic band on the wrong coast, Members included RickTurner, now a well-known luthier. Other cuts from the album include Land of Their Dreams and the psychjangle Medley: The Great Brain Robbery, Glimpses Of The Next World's World
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Lost Psychedalia

I planted those last year, but my Lost Psychetulips did much better.

/rim shot

Seriously, though, thanks for the post, I'd never heard of the band.
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The krummhorn is an awesome instrument. Also used on early Gryphon albums!
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Add a few blue jays and some marbles bouncing around and you'd have The Olivia Tremor Control.
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