Oh that whirlwind affair that October in Shanghai.
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Oh that whirlwind affair that October in Shanghai. It's a week old. And I hope and pray this hasn't been posted before. But if you like joke fodder about Bush, these photos may be for you.
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If those are funny, then why don't we laugh when Jiang Zemin visits the US and wears a suit?

I personally think it's is a nice gesture and I would love to get me hands on one of those.
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No no no it's not the traditional Chinese costume. It's the combination of, yes, the traditional silk suits, but more for me were the almost romantic captures of Bush and Chretien. That is what I found funny.
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. . .and Bush's palpable awkwardness.
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Well, I say let them have their unrequited love.

You got a problem with that? Or how about I wrap my massive arms around you and we can hug like 2 fungo bats in heat during the off season.


The above post adds nothing to the content of the discussion and was merely a weak excuse to use the term "fungo". All that exists between Dagobert and crasspastor is delicious platonic love. The kind Oscar Wilde and Czar Nicholas II had. Nothing wrong, nothing to see. Move along.
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It looks like they raided Sgt. Pepper's closet.
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I think this is China's ploy to make Bush and the western leaders look like ridiculous goofballs :)
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What I found interesting more than the jackets was the fact that all the group pictures had them lined-up, even at the expense of not being able to see them well. A group picture usually has people in multiple lines. So was this perhaps done so no one would be either in front of or behind another? Or is that just the way they were standing?
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I'd like to see Zemin in a powdered wig. Hell, I'd love to force all visiting dignatiries to get their wig and breeches and fucking march up and down Pennsylvania Avenue in a fife and drum corps.

And the two of them just look so gosh-darn KYUUT.
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The local costume thing is something peculiar, largely, to APEC. They also have this (not kidding...) banquet where everyone is supposed to sing. Individually. {see end graf} Fine, I suppose, when it was just an economic ministers' club, but these days APEC aspires to be something more like a nascent Asian common market, about where Europe was 30 years ago (and rushing to catch up).

Since we hosted in '93, and there are 22 members, we shouldn't get a chance to make 'em all dress as Woody until 2015 at the earliest.

Then again, the traditional American costume of jeans and a t-shirt reading "I'm with Stupid ---->" ought to go over well, too.
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In Hanoi, recently, Colin Powell crooned "El Paso" and "Yellow Submarine."
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really... what were they thinking? i mean... it's just.. what the.... bah.

quonsar... you sir, are a genius. warp speed, indeed.
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Globe and Mail: PM intent on being picture perfect
"That picture of Jean Chrétien and U.S. President George W. Bush smiling and pointing during the APEC summit in Shanghai, the one that graced the front pages of Monday's newspapers, was the PMO's trophy from the trip. And, despite his aversion to meeting the media while in China, Mr. Chrétien worked hard to get the photo op. As the leaders left the summit in their shiny Chinese outfits, the PM appeared unimpressed with the lesser leaders he was stuck beside and went looking for bigger game. He spotted Mr. Bush talking to Russian President Vladimir Putin and veered toward them. Thinking better of cutting in, he circled around in none-too-subtle fashion until their chat started to break up and then pulled an obviously surprised Mr. Bush aside. While Mr. Bush appeared confused, Mr. Chrétien began pointing back and forth between them -- and then to the Canadian Press photographer he had spotted amidst the crush of cameras. Point, smile, click, success!"

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I think this is China's ploy to make Bush and the western leaders look like ridiculous goofballs

This went over incredibly well with the Chinese public. Many Chinese, who ordinarily hold Bush in very low esteem, commented to me on how handsome he looked in his blue silks. This was definitely the talk of the town for a few days and a real PR win for both China and the US.
This is purely anecdotal, I have no links to back this up
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From today's Howard Kurtz media column in the Washington Post. Note the italicized paragraph. The horror . . . the horror:

USA Today runs the 9,327th article on the new George Bush:

"The terrorist attacks that reshaped his presidency also changed George W. Bush forever. Those who know him well say he shows little physical wear and tear from the pressures of the war in Afghanistan and anthrax fears in the USA. But in the 7 weeks since the attacks, they say, he has become more serious and pensive. They also see a newfound calmness in him. He turns even more often to the Bible for sustenance. He's using strenuous exercise as an outlet for stress.

"Bush's teasing humor is still intact, but it doesn't emerge quite as regularly as it did before Sept. 11, advisers and friends say. Children always make him smile, but he rarely uses the nicknames he once used constantly with members of Congress and reporters.

"Flashes of impatience surface a bit more often but still dissipate quickly. His irritation was evident in a frown when he had to wear a vivid blue-and-gold silk jacket for a picture with other world leaders during his trip to China.
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Canadians and interested others who are familiar with the unique way in which Jean Chretien toys with the English language, rapscallion that he is, may enjoy this.

(PS Take it easy with the teeny tiny font, huh? Teh funney is a delicate balance, grasshopper.)
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