Reclaiming what is, to display what isn't
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for decades, the plight of the Saami has been unspoken but a recent upsurge in youth culture has taken the systemic opression they as a people have faced and are facing to a whole new level. although the discussion of this often veers into "i'm not here for that" "educate yourself"

But it isn't just the Saami people speaking out against systemic opression, justice or for that matter cultural appropriation.
All of it leaves a bit of a sour taste due to the nature of the discourse which in any other forum or topic would be called "trolling" when using the same level of inflammatory rethorics.

and then there's the whole thing concerning "receipts"

for more reading, peruse the tumblr tags "social justice" & cultural appropriation, make sure to hold on to your hat.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Heya, there's a couple good potential directions to go here with a post (particularly I don't think there's every been a comprehensive post about the Saami) but this is kind of scattershot and going in a few directions at once without any clear framing as currently presented. Maybe regroup and put together a slightly more focused do-over tomorrow? -- cortex

FYI: Scandanavia.
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And don't call them "gypsies".
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actually the correct slur for saami is "lapp" which is very offensive. and to get an idea of the animosity of old swedes vs. saami I'll relate a story of my grandfather on me mothers side.

We used to visit my grandparents quite often when I was little, and I still remember how my Granpa used to berate my father when they thought us kids were asleep. Loud arguments about my father not being good enough for his daughter due to the fact that he was a "lappjävel" told to "go fuck a reindeer" and stuff like that.
But it was more subtle as well, lots of passive agressive stuff and whenever us kids were with him he'd tell us that he was unable to be more affectionate to us since we were "lappjävlar".
This, coming from a jew of sephardi lineage.

c'est la vie.
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Generally speaking, the best approach to a Metafilter post is to provide some clearer context for the unfamiliar reader, rather than a blanket demand to "educate yourself".
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