Duet for saw and coyote
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Last week: man vs turkey. This week: saw vs coyote (SLYT)
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My cat just went *nuts*.
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Also related: gravity vs coyote.
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She doesn't know it but she's delivering one of the most stirring and brilliant oratories in the history of Coyotedom.

It's mostly about poop.
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And to bring it full circle, turkey vs coyote and man vs saw.
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they looked like they were about to pack it up and get the fuck out of there at the end.

not sure what they were concerned about. probably nothing more than a pack of 6-year-old girls.
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One night I played Beethoven in our yurt, three separate coyote families came very close to howl along with the symphony; it was quite magical to be surrounded by yowls.
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And that was the day that all of the coyotes shaved themselves bare and ran naked through campus on a dare.
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my ears, man. my ears.
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That was so cool! I loved the way the coyotes responded, until it became a veritable choir.

Apparently, coyotes are fond of duets and they sing from the time they're little rascals.

That talented saw player was right to skedaddle.
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My dog slept peacefully through the saw, but THE SECOND that the coyote howled, he was alert and rising.

Reminds me of when he was a puppy, barely able to control himself until I got him outside... and as I stepped outside one night, a coyote howled. "I changed my mind don't need to pee nope nope open the door daddy open the door what is wrong with you?"
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That sounds like a lot of coyotes. Good thing she has a saw.
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This is so wonderful.
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My cat, who until I adopted her was basically a barn cat in a rural area where cat-eating coyotes abound, finds this video EXTREMELY ALARMING.

She has no comment on the turkey video. (But I thought it was hilarious, thanks!)
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