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LunchBook won the 1st prize in the competition “Expopack” for the design of a paper lunch box for Expo Milan 2015, which is dedicated to food and sustainability. LunchBook is a recipe book made of paper dishes showing recipes from all over the world. The user can taste the food while walking among the Expo 2015 stands. Once a dish gets dirty, he can remove it and use the following dish. (via book patrol)

Enrico Azzimonti's Bud Food won 1st prize ex aequo. The other projects presented at Expopack are here.
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I think this is awesome. However, it seems like then you don't have the recipes afterward? Still cool.
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I really don't get this. To me, books are not "use once then discard" type object. If they use the book as a plate to taste the food, then discard that page, they are also discarding the recipe. What if they like the dish, and want to replicate it at home? This makes no sense.
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Expo Milan 2015, which is dedicated to food and sustainability.

Wait, so instead of using a paper plate to eat some food and then there is a recipe pamphlet available, you take a collection of several paper plates, even if you only want to eat one thing. Then, because it has food smeared on it, you throw it out. But you want the recipes, so you get a second collection of paper plates to take home; of course, they are going to be much thicker and consume more paper than a simple pamphlet would.

And the other prize winner is a set of seven food pouches that come attached together in a wheel, so again, even if you only want to eat one thing you have to take half a dozen other food containers?

Is there an aspect of sustainability I'm missing here?
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I can improve this design by doing two things: 1) Print the recipe book on regular recycled paper. 2) Let the Expo vendors handle their own paper plates.

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How about 1 plastice plate and a packet of recipes? Have rinsing stations at every booth.
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Wait, serving food on a recipe book with pictures of plates on the front? I've heard that before. (pertinent Black Books scene is in the second half).
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This design fills a critical need. There is not enough disposable packaging in this world.
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The designs are beautiful and I'm not much bothered by not being able to read the recipes. But I don't understand the ecological angle. Isn't this the same as getting a new plate from each booth as you visit them? What am I missing?
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