"The world turns softly / Not to spill its lakes and rivers. / The water is held in its arms / And the sky is held in the water."
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Three Nightsongs is a lovely choral work by Joshua Shank that puts three writings by the child-poet Hilda Conkling to music: Evening, Moon Song, and Water.
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Another by Shank: winter, based on several short poems of E. E. Cummings.

If Shank's web site wasn't so shitty I would link directly to the information pages about this song, but Flash is a motherfucker.
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He's a terrific young composer and one of the composers in residence with The Singers - Minnesota Choral Artists.
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This is simply gorgeous. The piano was recorded a little ""hot" for the voices but that's OK. It's nice to hear some actual vocal harmony and melody again. This sounds tough to sing too, with all those close voicings and clusters. Well done. a beautiful refreshing post.
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