the mixtape recession
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the mixtape recession mac miller's got 99 problems but a [censored] aint one.

mixtapes under fire for non-cleared copyright use, making other artists such as whiz kalifa delay his next mixtape project.
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I got 99 problems, but a legacy business model ain't one.
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and right on the heels of an Avalanches post.
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Seriously, I am the only person who has ever heard of Streisand? Mac Millers got 99 problems and a Lord Finesse dick-move is one. Also, Lord Finesse? Jeez dude, Lame name.
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A few more pop up ads on Dat Piff, they'll have that 10 million in no time!
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@marienbad you'd think that. I mean, this is going to blow back onto the whole hiphop scene if the case is won by finesse, also did he ever do anything aside from that mid-nineties hit? I had this tingling sensation at the back of my head when I read the plaintiffs name, I just thought it was my significant other creeping up at me with a fryingpan again but hey.

@iamck, mmmm ads :p
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