I could stay awaaaake just to HEEEEEAR YOU BREEEEATHIIIN
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Michael Guy Bowman covers Tricia Yearwood's How Do I Live and Aerosmith's I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. The music videos will be mostly incomprehensible if you haven't read Homestuck (previously 2 3).

The bafflingly maximalist "webcomic" has released 8 new albums of music in the past twelve months. August 2012 has been solo album month; so far there have been two releases, Symphony Impossible to Play and One Year Older. They're instrumentals, so you don't need to know a thing about Homestuck in order to listen.
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WHAT. That's amazing. Which one is yours!
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( goes to watch it, love it, download it, etc etc)
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This one! Although my favorite piece by far on the coloUrs and mayhem albums is Olive Rogue.

Can't wait for updates to start again.
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Whelk: Any comics professional who ignores what's going on with Homestuck, fandom-wise, is being borderline negligent, and that is not just the beer I drank talking.


It might be the beer a little bit but I think the point stands.
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why do i Always FEEL like everything is written in conde on Metafilter? Im new here...little help on that please????
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Is this where I plug the article I wrote about Homestuck? I wrote an article about Homestuck. Bryan Lee O'Malley plugged it on twitter! Best moment of my life.

(OK not really, but I'm a big Scott Pilgrim fan, so that was pretty cool.)
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My kids are obsessed with homestuck. We're always on some search for Dave glasses or sewing Eridan shirts and hats and scarves. The latest emergency was a John God Tier hat thing that my daughter made by herself. They put Homestuck fan songs on my ipod so I'm forever singing songs about blood color and trolls and something called a Recoupercocoon or something. I am really going to have to start reading this to figure out what the hell the words are that I'm typing here. Or else they're going to have to learn to drive themselves to the fabric store. Subdee's article helped!
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Man, I stopped reading homestuck about a year ago and I'm all too aware that it would take about that much time to catch up again.
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Homestuck really is an impressive accomplishment.

One of the things that I like the most is that there's not only a para-comic, but the para-comic has its own para-wiki.
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@artychoke :D Glad I could help!

Some redditors pointed out that lots of phrases I said were "popularized" by Homestuck were already, like, A Thing on reddit. So there's a level of internet nerdery to this that's beyond me, but I don't think you have to be An Expert in All Online Subcultures to follow the plot. Though it probably makes the comic funnier AND more serious, haha.
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homestuck and reddit! today just keeps getting better and better
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oh shit update

and it is amazing
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