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"... with the break-up of the Soviet Union, Baikonour, now part of Kazakhstan, had to be leased by Russia from the Kazakh government, and suddenly looks less and less like a long term solution to the future of space exploration."
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Have Elon Musk buy it. The dream cannot die.
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It's better to fade away than to burn out.

No doubt this place was for many years a prime target for a few hundred American and NATO nuclear warheads so it is a satisfying pleasure to see it dying of old age - rusting away in neglect and disuse.
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Der Ätna ist erloschen
die Friteusen auf Standby
auch im fernen Baikonur haben die Raketen heute frei
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Here is an interesting piece about Baikonur from the perspective of 1984, at the height of the Cold War. I distinctly remember reading this article when it came out, but it's a shame that the graphics aren't in the archive, as they had some German WWII maps of the area and some other interesting items. Before the Russians declassified everything, the US just referred to it as "Tyuratam".
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Wow. That entire blog [http://newsfeed.kosmograd.com/kosmograd/] is fascinating -- lots of interesting stuff about the Space Race, Mars' place in it, its reflection in art & architecture, &c. Thank you so much, barnacles.
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Lovely stuff.
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