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Visual effects artist Avi Salem reveals The CN Tower's secret messages. (via)
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OK, that was totally awesome. I guess those were the images they used to feed the light show?
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Good things grow in Ontario...
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So, basically, subliminal Mounties?
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I, for one, am disappointed at the lack of porn. Still, really cool!
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Is this for real? That's totally awesome.
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I was hoping that it was a secret datastream of information passing secrets to the Syrians.

Well, I suppose it could still be. Have we checked those images for stenographic information?
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What a beautiful display.
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Free broadcast tower, +1 Population, +1 Happiness in every city
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That's pretty sneaky, yet super awesome.
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I wonder if this is "on purpose" or just the most convenient way for the lighting tech to load the colour bar with data.

If were that lighting tech, I'd be running nothing but masonic and illuminati images just to blow the mind of whoever decoded it.
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The man behind the curtain
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hey that's really neat - I have spotted what I thought were the provincial flags scrolling across the tower, it's neat to see that there are really images hidden in there. The artist used to work at the same place that I do, so I'm not surprised that he spotted it too - the street that the office is on has a perectly framed view of the tower, so anytime you leave the building after dark the first thing you see is that light display.
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