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Google brings its Street View cameras into the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This is their largest special Street View collection to date: 6000 panoramic images, including the Apollo 14 module, the Vehicle Assembly Building, Launch Firing Room #4 and Space Shuttle Orbiters Atlantis and Endeavour. Intro Video. (Via)

Other special Street View Collections. Don't miss Art Project.
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Crap! I was trying to get stuff done this afternoon!

This looks wonderful, thank you.
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That's really neat. I've used Google Maps to check out all kinds of places, like the YFZ Ranch in Texas and South Asia, and I wish I had Street View in more places.
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an Armstrong worth calling a hero
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The VAB is ridiculous and on a scale that's sort of difficult to deal with, tbh. Living in big American cities makes you think you're used to huge buildings, and you mostly are, but they're surrounded by other huge buildings and it's no big deal. And then you see the VAB looming all on its own in the middle of a swamp and it already seems huge from far away, and then you get closer and it's this ridiculous monstrosity and then you get inside and oh my god it's EVEN HUGER SOMEHOW. And then you think about all the awesome things and people that have been inside of it and you have to sit down for a minute.

obvsly i wanna make it into my supervillain lair
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Thanks! New stuff to watch!
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I accidentally discovered this last week when poking around KSC on Google Maps. I was looking at one of the crawler roads and thought "It'd be funny if they have street view here." I dragged the street view guy and was pleasantly surprised!
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Everyday I make my home as presentable as possible because I know at some point they're going to run out of streets and will start needing more things to observe with vans, and from that point it's about a year until a van is in my home during dead of night. And I'm going to be the only one who was ready, everyone else is going to look like shit.
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Wow, Black Mesa was actually pretty accurate...
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Are we really going to have a Blue post every time Street View turns their cameras on?
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Wow, Black Mesa was actually pretty accurate...

Black Mesa scheduled to launch on September 14
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