Said's ideal Mid East proposal.
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Said's ideal Mid East proposal. In one of the more insightful pieces written lately about the Israel-Palestinian conflict, Edward Said might surprise those that see only fundamentalists in the Arab world. Excerpt: And since the Palestinian-Israeli struggle has been so humanly impoverishing I would suggest that important symbolic gestures of recognition and responsibility, undertaken perhaps under the auspices of a Mandela or a panel of impeccably credentialed peace-makers, should try to establish justice and compassion as crucial elements in the proceedings. Unfortunately, it is perhaps true that neither Arafat nor Sharon are suited to so high an enterprise. From Al-Ahram Weekly, one of the most interesting English language news magazines originating in the Arab world.
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Generally I find Said to be an unreliable source -- his tends to be shrill and partisan when he should be cool and critical. Bernard Lewis is a fairer and more subtle investigator of Middle Eastern affairs, but this is perhaps because he is an outsider and is not so emotionally involved as Said.

All that aside, I must say that this piece is more fair-minded than most of Said's work. Said is always an interesting read -- I don't often agree with him, but he's always challenging and thought-provoking.
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Help me Jesse Jackson, you're my only hope.
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Try reading Said's Culture & Imperialism in parallel with Kipling's Kim and Rushdie's Midnight Children. It's a scream.

He's on the board of Miftah who seemed to be people you could trust if you'd like to donate money because the "problems" in Palestine is a little one sided, but don't want to fund terrorism directly (all imho, of course) - check out their solidarity index.
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Seems I saw a picture of Said throwing a rock at Israeli solders awhile back. I remember thinking as I looked at the picture that Said looked effeminate in his rock throwing posture. Not that there's anything wrong with effeminate rock throwers, but just the same, if you read Said's muscular remarks about the conflict and then saw him throwing that rock in that effeminate manner....well, it was just a little creepy, that's all.
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Um, he's kinda dying (from cancer, if I recall correctly).
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