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Spooooky... Everybody has their own favorite ghost story, and this site has catalogued thousands of them. Beyond that, they have videos, photos, lists of famous hauntings (find one near you!) as well as as guide to Ghosthunting 101. Creep yourself out, count the "phantom hitchhiker" doubles, debunk away, or gear up to become Egon Spengler Jr.. Happy hauntings!
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You just couldn't wait one more day, could you?
posted by ColdChef at 9:16 AM on October 30, 2001

Well, with 3,700 stories to read, I figured people might want a little lead time... :)
posted by headspace at 9:18 AM on October 30, 2001

Heh. My favorite part of that site are the "ghost" photographs where the grim malevolence seems to have chosen to menace the photographer by appearing as a mote of dust or a flaw in the film.

Maybe if you're allergic to dust they might give you some trouble?
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Is it ever too early to read spooky ghost stories? Some of the reader-submitted ones are a bit on the, well, lame side, but weeding through them for the good stuff is part of the fun.

And the ghost pictures are indeed a bit hard to swallow sometimes. I saw one once, though, of a pet cemetary at night (I looked for a link and couldn't find it... I'll root around and see if it turns up later) that had millions of orbs and do-dads floating around, and it gives me shivers just remembering it. Even if there's nothing to it, it's nice to get all creeped out every now and then. At least in my easily-amused world, that is.
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well - that happens w/ metafilter postings. "too many users..."
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The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website has lots of stories, sorted by state and county. Some of them are pretty creepy.
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the scariest ghost story (though not really a ghost story) is the one where the girl has that ribbon always around her neck, and this guy who likes her keeps asking her to take it off, but she said she would eventually.. so the ended up marrying, and growing old and all that.. and then, when she was on her deathbed, she took off the ribbon and her head fell off...

okay, so it sounds stupid when I say it, but it scared me for days when i first read it.
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...And the chicken heart... was... still ...beating....
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Kafkaesque: You beat me, but...

"And there, on the door...was a HOOK!!"
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Then...then...that means the Large Marge I saw was...
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whoa... Kafka... my brother and I watched that movie when were about 9 and 10, and the Large Marge part scared the bejeezus out of us! We couldn't sleep for days!
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*quietly smug that I live pretty close to the dinosaur place and have, in fact, had pie and coffee in that very diner*
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Oh, and since none of you lazy bastards could be bothered:

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I heard that same story, but when I heard it the guy had a hook on his foot.
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Um, headspace, your link isn't linking. Or it could be just me, but it's not linking...
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I think we're just MeFi-ing their servers, along with the usual seasonal overload they probably get. Try hitting reload and it usually pops back up- sorry guys, I didn't realize how unstable the site was, I've never had this problem with it before.
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