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The Museum of Computer Adventure Game History in Toronto, Canada is one of the largest collections of adventure and role-playing games and supplements in existence.

The site focuses on comprehensive scans and photos of various books and boxes from a bygone era. Perhaps true to the era of games the museum celebrates, it takes a little bit of self-directed digging but it's not long before you uncover some neat treasures unlikely to be found anywhere else (like a complete collection of the mid-80's fanzine Questbusters Journal).

Somewhat Related: The Play-Generated Map and Document Archive of Texas A&M which is full of donated player character sheets and dungeon master maps and a valuable window into what roleplaying games were like decades ago.
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Hey, he has my movie! Respect!
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I would be remiss to not include jscott's own Textfiles.com (previously) in a comprehensive list of massive time-sinks/archives of pre-world wide web nerd culture.
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There's a docco on text adventures?
I know what I am doing tonight.
If I am not eaten by a Grue.
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Wait... I can't tell if this is a huge museum or 5 shelves in some guy's basement.
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Shhh, bet it's both.
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It'll be more than 5 shelves. Toronto winters are grim.
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According to the pictures there are six whole book cases!
Although, I spy Ultima Online. Pretty sure that wasn't text.

Disappointingly they are not labelled East, West, North and South.

I thought it would be bigger somehow, too, even thought each game could fit on a single floppy.
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That is an awesome trip down memory lane..
They should add a "I played it" scorecard to the collection and see how many of the games you might have played over the years... Looking at the titles in my brief viewing I've clocked up a fair number of them.
Now for my "things were better in my day rant", I do feel a lot of those older games featured had so much more long term play factor to them compared to games full of flash gfx and crappy story or engine of these days..
I could count in terms of months the time I put into Ultima 3 & 4, same goes with some of the early SSI stuff, or Alternate Reality..
Great link thanks for the share.. I shall waste a few more hours doing my own "played it" checklist...
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