“Sweater weather. Fall is my favourite. #dlws.”
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David Leonard Weather Service: "These real-weather descriptions are, of course, tweets, and part of the David Leonard Weather Service, which its eponymous proprietor explains—and he finds himself explaining often—as “a network of correspondents posting the weather they see right now. Real-time, crowd-sourced [Toronto, Ontario Canada] weather." #DLWS @davidpleonard
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Reminds me of an old joke from WKRP In Cincinnati:

ANDY: You have this thing you call "Eye Witness Weather." What is that?
LES: Well, I just look out the window and witness the weather.

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What good is “21” when the numbers are provided without context? What I’d rather hear is “Sweater weather. Fall is my favourite. #dlws.”

I've occasionally chosen my outfit by looking out of the window of the hotel I'm in at what people outside are wearing. Then I rediscover that people have radically different ideas of what is comfortable in any given set of conditions.

Me, I want to know it's 21 degrees. Not that some random person I don't know who might be headed to an over airconditioned office building thinks it's "sweater weather."
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I initally started following David Leonard on twitter because he lives in my neighborhood, but quickly came to enjoy the DLWS reports. The best of them are like little snippets of poetry, and I love them as an example of an emergent phenomenon that only really makes sense within the context of twitter.
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