“I paint pictures which do not exist and which I would like to see.”
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Argentine born sometime Surrealist artist Leonor Fini was a Cat lover, extraordinaire.
She depicted women exploring their own identity at a time when female identity both physically and mentally was being defined by men, once declaring:
A woman should live with two men; one more a lover and the other more a friend.
Photographed by many; showing her dressed in Cat costume or sitting with one of her numerous cats; and her art frequently figured them somewhere or other.
More photographs of her and a video. Like the rest of her work some are NSFW and some feature cats. A brief biography.
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Her mask kicks ass and suggests that "crazy cat lady" should signify fear and respect, not laughter.

(On a side-note, in this 1933 photo (NSFW), which shows her naked underwater, she was obviously shaving in what we would think of as a very contemporary way; these things aren't as new as some discussions would suggest.)
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Thanks for this, very interesting. From my experience I think her declaration also holds true that "a man should live with two women one more a lover and the other more of a friend with benefits."
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The Katten Kabinet museum (!) in Amsterdam, dedicated to all things feline, has a number of her pictures on exhibit right now. My visit there this spring was my first introduction to Leonor Fini, and her prints are striking to behold in person.
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"Every man needs two women: a quiet home-maker, and a thrilling nymph."
-Iris Murdoch

I'm envisioning some elaborate system of interlocking love triangles that would provide these things to every man and woman. It seems like it would eat up a lot of time.
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I bet she was high maintenance.
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In 1968 (aged 61) she illustrated the "Histoire d'O."

GallonofAlan does it matter? I believe she was wealthy enough to live as and how she pleased.
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It seems like it would eat up a lot of time.

Time that otherwise would have been spent on waging war!
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