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"December" for marimba by Daniel Berg. More Daniel Berg: Over the Moon,

and a touch of Piazzolla.
"Crooning" by Paula af Malmborg Ward, played by Rhythm Art Duo (Fredrik Duvling-vibraphone and Daniel Berg-marimba).
Finally, "Ryme and Pairs" by Olle Lützow-Holm.
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Very cool. I was a saxophone player in high school but, too lazy to march, played marimba in marching band. Not only did I get to stay inside most of the day bullshitting while everyone else marched in the hot sun, I also got to play the most criminally underused instrument in all of music.

Think of your favorite minor-key song. Now think of it with a cool marimba counterpoint. Isn't that so much better?
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very nice. thanks for this.

more marimba goodness:
- Two Mexican Dances for Marimba - David Hall
- Nagoya Marimba - Steve Reich
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I played marimba throughout High School and desperately want to play again. I am very excited by the prospect of saving up for a custom-built marimba, made my Doug Demorrow out of Arkansas.

And some of my favorite marimba performances on youtube:
Splendid Wood
Dream of the Cherry Blossoms
Der Kleine Paganini
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