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The Most Intriguing New Global Architecture Ideas You've Never Heard Of

Grammatical errors belong solely to the editors of the publication.
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It's true - - I had no idea that Neostalkerism was so hot in Brazil these days.
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If any country was goingto make a NSFW contribution to an architecture biennale, it would have to be Brazil.
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I don't get the point of the Brazilian one (other than it's good to be ultra-rich).
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I thought the "Peep" video was cute for its call-out to Jacques Tati's Mon Oncle. (The film is a nearly dialog-free satire of postwar consumerism set in a modern home.^ Conceptually, it may have influenced The Jetsons.)
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Main thing I get from the video is that the house is designed so the servants can't separate themselves from the deepest intimate moments of their employers lives.

And for a house with servants, that is piss poor design.
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It’s an urban planning axiom that building more roads doesn’t make city centres less congested, it just brings more traffic. Banana Associates — showing in Venice at an exhibition entitled Christ, Enough Already! — apply the same principle to architecture. Their slogan is “Everything humans need has already been fucking built”.
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nytimes review of the biennale
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