Fast Women
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Speedqueens — Women in motorsport from 1898 to the present day. Fasten your seatbelts, gentlemen.
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Nice resource. Thanks!
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Interesting how a Google Images search for Simona de Silvestro turns up tons of pictures of a woman in a firesuit actually about to (or having just) raced a car. The results for Danica Patrick are notably dissimilar. I think I just became a de Silvestro fan. :)
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Just to be clear, Danica Patrick obviously is a talented and accomplished woman who does things few humans can do...I just really like how this site makes more people aware of similarly talented women who are more famous for their racing skills than their modeling or marketing careers.

I suppose a loose equivalent would be how some male sports stars are amazing on the court/field, but are better known for how they spend their wealth or get away with crimes...while some lesser known cohorts of theirs more focused on "the game" might be every bit as inspiring.
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Good stuff, though probably the greatest woman behind the wheel... Shirley Muldowney. Shirley was 320-mph fast.
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Fastest doesn’t automatically mean greatest. Its one thing to go outrageously fast in a straight line for a few seconds. Its another thing to go super fast while making left turns for a few hours. And another thing again to go very fast while making both right and left turns for a couple of hours.
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Agreed with ambient2, missing the three time NHRA Top Fuel Dragster Champion seems like a glaring omission.
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The site's owner states that they aren't covering drag racing, motorcycles or a few other categories due to time/space constraints.

And the greatest woman behind a wheel is clearly Michele Mouton.
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Michele Mouton

It wasn't all negative controversy in her last year as an Audi works driver. The team went to Pike's Peak again and Michèle won the hillclimb outright, by a very healthy margin. Bobby Unser, the established US star, was fuming about being beaten by a French woman driving a German car and voiced his distaste. Michèle's cool response was said to be "if you had any real balls, you'd race me back down as well."

If you’re not familiar with the Pikes Peak Hillclimb its the sort of thing that, just when you think it can’t get any crazier, it does.
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I'm actually shocked the frontpage is completely lacking in sexed up bikini pics.

It's almost like these women are ... people.
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That pikes peak climb is amazing.

Watch the video...omg.
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Mezentian, my thoughts exactly. :)
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he site's owner states that they aren't covering drag racing, motorcycles or a few other categories due to time/space constraints.

Huge miss in my opinion. Right now women are making their greatest strides in NHRA with Eric Enders, Courtney Force, Alexis DeJoria all winning at least one event this year.

Knowing someone who worked on a top fuel team these women are no less talented than their counter parts in other forms of racing. Racing is about two things - making the fewest mistakes and having the right setup for the car. Regardless if 3.5 seconds and 320 miles an hour or long/slower forms of racing.
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Speedqueens FAQ:

Q: Why is not featured?
A: This blog is a hobby. I am more than happy to find out about new drivers and add them to the blog, so leave me a comment and I will see what I can find out.

Q: How do you decide who gets profiled on Speedqueens?
: Speedqueens is "open" to all female race and rally drivers competing at a national or international level. Anyone who is far up enough the ladder to be written about online, or in the media, is a candidate. Unfortunately, due to space and time constraints, I am not writing about rally co-drivers, drag racers, speed eventers, road rallyists or motorcycle racers at present.
About Me: Rachel H-G
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I read the bolded title Speedqueens and was all like Laundromats? Really?
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