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I have no idea how these people got wedged into their scanners, or why. Oh wait, I do. Artist Enrico Nagel, in his series "Behind the Glass", makes portraits that way.
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There's a certain 70's hair sensibility going on in these pictures.
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Cool. Looks like the cover and other art of Tori Amos' album From The Choirgirl Hotel, which was done by Katerina Jebb, apparently.
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face your pockets also does scanner portraits.
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Lieve Prins has some good pictures done this way too. I first became aware of scanner photography in a Sunday Times (UK) supplement back in the '90s. I think it was a photoshoot with one or more supermodels. Really played up the wonderful painterly drowned quality you get from this technique. I'm not sure who took those pictures though.
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Heads up! Some of the thumbnails at my link above turn out to be arty but NSFW.
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My favourite kind of scanner portraits are the ones where the subject rotates their head as the scanny light thingy goes by.
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I beat all these people by decades: me in a scanner.

I have another one where I was drunk and an incredible amount of drool was on the glass. Personally, I think the bandaid makes the above scan.

This was also back in the day when you had multipass scanners and there was no such thing as color. Why could you need color? There weren't color monitors or color printers.
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Also, somewhere I used to have a folder full on some woman doing this with her boobs. And by "used to have" I mean I can't find it.
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Related: (metafilter's own™) moonmilk's greenmarket scans.
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Also Katarina Jebb who I first learned of from the cover for Tori Amos' “From the Choirgirl Hotel”.
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