Pass the Spoon: a sort-of opera about a television cooking show
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"Pass the Spoon is a daft and instantly lovable collaboration between cartoonist David Shrigley, composer David Fennessy and director Nicholas Bone. The posters promised a "sort-of opera" about cookery; what transpired was a zany, warm-hearted sort-of pantomime held together by some extremely good music and expert comic delivery." The short-run "sort-of opera" was largely structured around the story and designs of artist David Shrigley, who had never been to an opera, and doesn't have any specific interest in TV cookery. The Space is streaming a lovely, professionally shot film of a performance.
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Don't Know: the art of Shrigley on MetaFilter previously.
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The Worried Noodles album, where various artists record songs using the lyrics Shrigley published in a book of the same name, is really, really good. It's on Spotify and the usual pay-to-play places.
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Also, on ubuweb, Shrigley’s Late Night Tales Presents Shrigley Forced to Speak With Others (2006).
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Thank you for this! As a fan of Shrigley's art, I really enjoyed this performance. Fennessy sets a surreal tone and there is humor and tension from start to finish. Don't miss the 6 min BBC making of feature as well.
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"Chops!" "Chops?" "Chops!" "Chops?" "Chops!" "Chops? "Chops!" "Chops?" "Chops.... and graaaaavy!" Loving the playful art direction and 'songs' - refreshing stuff, like a bowl of veg-eh-tah-buhl soup.
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Hee. This was produced by my friend's company who make all sorts of interesting musical things!
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