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I didn't get to go this year to haunted houses so please let me live vicariously through your exploits. It was bound to happen: this here's the compulsory first semi-annual HAUNTED HOUSE CRITIQUE MeFi thread! Feel free to share your stories of your favorite haunted house adventures this year. Where'd you go? How annoying were the lines? What was there? Didja pee in yer pants or didja punch out the guy with that obnoxious bleeding Screams mask? There's one in every crowd this year. Did they do the classics or go for modern scares? Who'd ya bring with you? Didja take point or hide in the back? You know the last one in the group is always the guy they attack in haunted houses. Anybody touch ya? You gonna sue? Give us the whole skinny.
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Halloween is so yesterday.
posted by pracowity at 2:47 AM on November 1, 2001

really.............i'm tired of latex masks............reality is so much more horrifying.
posted by billybob at 5:09 AM on November 1, 2001

Actually, here in Austin, there is a wildnerness preserve called Wild Basin. Every year, they put on a great Haunted Trail which is tons of fun. It's expensive, but it lasts ~1 hour and is very interactive and has an interesting plot. Additionally, the money goes to the preserve -- all of the people are volunteers. The interesting thing is that you can lose. We went through the whole trail and got all the things we needed, and solved the puzzle. But we met some people who never figured the whole thing out.

The costumes and set designs were wonderful and again, really interactive. The people were a trip and great at improvising. It wasn't like "oh my god, I peed my pants" scary, but there were some definitely "eek!" moments.

I definitely recommend it.
posted by j at 7:25 AM on November 1, 2001

all i can say is lots and lots of electrocuted and/or splattered raw meat. and damn did it stink in there! nothing like a haunted house put on by a san francisco art co-op.
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Oh God you guys would not believe this...

My girlfriends sister and her fiance took us to some Haunted Catacombs thingie. Before I even went there I KNEW it was going to be completely corny. But out of boredom and pity, I went. I shelled out 10 bucks(Thank God it went to charity) and began. Only one guy scared me a bit when he did that scream-into-microphone, and thats only because it was right around the corner.

Next we are walking in dark skinny halls... can't see anything. I am holding my girls hand and she is walking in front of me because she seems to want to get scared for some unknown reason. Anyways, as we are walking.. 2 girls come up behind me and grab my ass. I shouted 'Who the F**K grabbed my ass!?' hehe it was quite funny.. i keep going and they still keep touching me and feeling on me. Finally we come to a lighted area.. I see they're pretty cute.. so I keep my mouth shut and let them do whatever. That was freaky. Only part I liked was that spinning room. That was cool.
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