This should make you cry
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Oh, it did.
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this is cool.
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That was cool, after the scholarship stuff took off, I wondered if they could figure out a way to make it bigger than just Caine, and this little foundation sounds like a great idea.
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Yeah, I lost it when I saw all the kids inspired by Caine.

Dear kids of the world: You are welcome to come play on my lawn all you want. NEVER STOP BEING AWESOME.
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Okay, this made me cry before the one minute mark, but it also made me a little sad that kids today need a role model to feel free to do this sort of stuff. When I was a kid, my older brother started chasing a gopher in the yard with a shovel (my brother, not the gopher) and eventually his digging resulted in a huge underground fort for all the kids in the neighborhood. My brother has his own kids now, and I can't imagine him allowing them to make an underground fort like that.
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This totally made my day!
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Do not listen to the child in the blue shirt.

When you pretend that a box is a toy, you're stealing.

Continue to buy only officially-licensed recreational devices.
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I am so relieved to see how this all turned out, I loved the first event/film, but a part of me worried that this would turn into a burden for Cain, with either noone ever coming by again, or that some sort of steady stream of hipsters would have him basically working for their entertainment. Seems like the Nirvan Mullick has really been a responsible and worthy trustee of the events he started with this kid. Much love for every teacher who has brought this into their classroom, and much love for mars rover dude!
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Two very happy thumbs up
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This was great, and I'd missed the earlier post, so somehow it was even greater! I made stuff out of cardboard boxes a lot when I was a kid - not games, but mostly weird houses, and stables for my toy horses. I love how much fun all these kids (and the adults too) have with simple games made from cardboard.
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Ok, that made me cry a little bit. But the cardboard photocopier was awesome.
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Oh, dear. This takes me back. When I was young, I tried to re-create the San Diego Natural History Museum in the garage. My displays included the family cat, a horned toad I found in the canyon, some rocks from around the neighborhood and a graph of moon rises and sets collected over a month.

Not many visitors. The cat kept trying to escape. The horned toad was pretty friendly, though, and the rocks never complained. Good times.
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God, why did I throw out all my cardboard boxes last week :-(
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