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More info.
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Thanks, the wife will appreciate this.
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I have a vague recollection of seeing a TV news segment once, in the 1980s I think, which ended with a novelty it's-a-zany-world story about a one-legged bicycle diving competition. What I remember was that all competitors had lost a leg by one means or other, and the contest involved pedalling a bicycle off a high diving board and diving with it into a pool.

I have since been unable to find any evidence that such a thing existed, though am fairly sure I saw it.
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That's pretty cool. Looks like there are a couple thrusters under the seat, and what look like dive planes on the sides? I used to dive, and it's pretty amazing how easy it is to move around once you're neutrally bouyant.
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one-legged bicycle diving competition.

This is sort of A Thing 'round here. There's a lake in town where kids go to swim in the summers, and jumping (quickly escalating to to riding bikes) off the cliffs is sort of a rite of passage.
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This is visually amazing, and looks like a physically liberating activity for otherwise utterly earthbound individuals. That said, I kept thinking to myself "how do they keep salt water from destroying an expensive wheelchair? Is it built for water, or just modified?"
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How is she controlling the left/right motors and wing angle? Feet seems the only way, in which case is she really paralyzed? (or controlled remote wireless by someone else).

salt water from destroying an expensive wheelchair?

chairs are made to be pretty resistant to the environment with stainless metals and paint, like a boat. But I wouldn't put a new $3000 chair into the ocean to try it out.
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THAT WAS INSANE!!! Thank you for the share. Something moving about that...I didn't listen to the audio as I'm at work but there was enough visually to appreciate such a rare moment for someone.
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Completely ridiculous, and I mean that as a compliment.
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