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The Popinator - a voice activated popcorn launching machine. Kinda cool, but my money's still on the robotic tweet powered popper. (via @peeweeherman and keepoutofreach)
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If there aren't high-powered lasers being shot from an Air Force bomber through Professor Hathaway's window, I'm just not that interested.
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This is actually very cool. It'd appeal more to my inner nerd if it fired an unpopped kernel which was popped in flight using some sort of superheated plasma, and then covered in a fine spray of salt and butter, before leaving the muzzle, though.
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What kind of weirdo enjoys eating popcorn one piece at a time? I prefer the shovel method.
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Its all loads of fun till some 13 year old hides a cat turd in with the popcorn.
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This is a clever viral campaign, right? If not, that's pretty sweet.
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The real fail here is that it doesn't pop it fresh. Pre-popped corn is crap. So this thing shoots crap into your mouth. Clever?
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Pop pop.
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Please tell me this is a real thing, because I and my fellow quadriplegic Americans would buy the hell out of this. Can it be adapted for other types of food, say popcorn chicken? Feeding problems solved! Health care costs cut! Of course, it would mean quadriplegics covered with tiny bits of food all day, but who cares if it means we can finally eat popcorn the way God intended?
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Thank you for contacting Popcorn Indiana.

Unfortunately, the Popinator is not for sale right now, but maybe one day. What you see in the video is just a prototype we have in-house and it is still in the testing phase. We’re constantly trying to be more innovative with our products and making the popcorn experience more fun is a big part of it.

If there is any other information we can help you with, please call us at 1-800-767-4444.
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We're being pop'd, aren't we?
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