Gottardo Nord & Sud
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Trains in Switzerland's Ticino canton filmed with tilt-shift lenses: Gottardo Nord & Gottardo Sud.
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Tilt-shift is the new auto-tune.
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No, fake photoshop tilt-shift is the new auto-tune. Actual tilt-shift lenses are singing on key.
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I've ridden this train through Ticino and it's absolutely beautiful. These videos remind me how lovely that part of Switzerland is, and the tilt-shift effect moves everything into instant nostalgia. A nice memory of our visit.

Coincidentally, there's a large model train museum in Ticino. I can't say it was the highlight of my visit but it is a pretty impressive collection.
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I'm a bit late to the party on this, but can anyone explain or link to why this technique makes stuff look like little toys? Thanks
posted by colie at 9:51 AM on September 19, 2012

AskMeFi about tiltshift. Google to the rescue!
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I had no idea there was a route through Ticino to the Neighborhood of Make Believe.
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..where does he get all those wonderful toys?
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The differences between a tilt-shifted photo* and a close-up photo of a model have made me idly wonder what would be necessary to build a giant camera with a giant lens.

Like, a black tent with fresnel lenses, projecting on a screen? Or could approximate it with a rig that took a grid of photos on an X Y plane and then combine them in post? I don't know enough about optics to say what would be necessary.

* For example, in this photo, the overhead flag is all in focus, while the background right behind it is not.
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That music is totally Sim City.
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My train-obsessed four year old loved these. Thanks!
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What is that music on the first video? Anyone know? I like it a lot.
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There are credits at the end of the video that name the music:

Dj Cam Quartet, New York New York

And Dave Brubeck - Take Five
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