Origin of the Beginning
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Levi van Veluw* has taken his self-portraiture to the next level by bringing his family into the picture. "Portrayed in this piece is a room with 5 persons sitting at a table.... The endless repetition of wooden blocks stands for van Veluw’s attempts to gain control of his own position within the familial structure."
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Hey Levi - you need to get out more maaaan..
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This is great.
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This is really good stuff.
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Why-oh-why didn't this zoom out to reveal they were playing Scrabble?
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That was cool. Reminds me of something, but I can't quite...

Oh well, back to Minecraft!
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Interesting! And vaguely spooky.

There is a block missing on the central figure's left bicep and thus I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything else.
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On the wood block theme, he's also done an automata which is just as incredible as the video above but... not as creepy.
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