3 cute videos from French graphics students
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Three cute shorts from the Bellecour School of Art's 3D graphics program: Boringtown (3:38), about three youths who battle monsters; Monsterbox (7:38), about a little girl, her monsters, and a kind old garden shop keeper; and Destiny (5:26), about a fellow and his relationship with time.

There are more student short films and on Vimeo, plus a number of really short videos (less than 2 minutes long) from individual students.
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OK. I'm old. And cynical. And perhaps my faith in humanity is low.

But Monsterbox made my heart soar.
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Wow, those are all fantastic. The first one is maybe paced a little too fast, but the other two are perfect.

They kind of have a similar look to them, especially the use of light and lightbeams in Monsterbox and Destiny. Were they using a common toolkit? Does anyone know what it is?
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(well, I'm sure SOMEONE does. I'm wondering if anyone HERE knows. :) )
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One day
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