Microsoft, DOJ settlement close...
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Microsoft, DOJ settlement close... but the deal apparently would not place significant limitations on functions that Microsoft could "bundle" into its Windows operating program. The judge is said to be concerned about the "national psyche," but will slapping Bill on the wrists really help things?
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Call me when they settle. Then it's news worth reporting.
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Don't worry, dogmatic. I'm sure we'll have at least 10 threads about it...
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The terrorists are after our way of life! They want to unbundle our browsers!

Aux Arms, Citoyens!
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Here's the Proposed Final Judgement (i.e. the settlement) (via
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It still has to be approved by the judge, but I can't see that not happening. It's basically a grab bag of the conduct remedies that have been thrown around for months: no punishing OEM's for supporting competitors, publish API's that bundled products use, make XP SP1 more customizable by OEM's, etc.
One big caveat: it's only enforceable by the government, so OEM's or competitors won't be able to sue directly for violations of it.
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