Furby Got Back
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I would like to see Furby diving adorably into a cardboard box.
posted by Tube at 7:34 AM on September 20, 2012

My dad got a Furby when they first came out as a joke and gave it to me. I decided to subject Koko to a sensory deprivation experiment. Koko was locked into a large desk drawer, only taken out every few months to make sure the batteries were still working.

It was proof that Furbys didn't develop on their own. After two years Koko was emotionally in the same state as he was when I first locked him in the drawer. Eventually I forgot about Koko and found him in the drawer many years later when moving. I changed his batteries and... no change.

I had really hoped that he would pop his eyes wide open and begin screaming incoherently, but he just cooed, "Me... Koko! Purrrrrr...."

Perhaps it was some sort of Stockholm syndrome.
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Your post has been reported to the authorities I hope you like jail you maniac.
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The authorities
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In college, one of the guys on my floor had a furby. We didn't really interact with it much, but once in a while someone would set it off accidentally. It didn't seem to know much beyond the pre-programmed stuff. One day, we're sitting around and someone hits the furby and it kind of, well, moans. So he's not sure if the batteries are dying or what and he pokes it and it goes, "Harrrrder," while waggling its ears. And the guy who owns it is looking pretty mortified. Eventually the whole room realizes that the furby had been recording and learning from listening to this guy and his girlfriend.
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Obs, Furbies didn't work that way. Nice urban legend, though.
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What's he been doing since his release in 1998?

Mostly staying 1000 feet away from any school building, day care center, or playground. That and seeing his Proby every 2 weeks.
posted by laconic skeuomorph at 1:22 PM on September 20, 2012

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