Elektrobiblioteka / Electric Book
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Elektrobiblioteka / Electric Book (video). Inspired by El Lissitzky's manifesto published in 1923. Background. Full-text (Polish).
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Wow! That's pretty amazing- thanks for sharing! I love getting to see the prototyping process behind this sort of thing and this is a particularly sweet execution. Then there's that whole arena of electronically augmenting common objects to extend their function and here again, this example really satisfies. I may have to dig out the Arduino and build a little flip-book...
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Good to see this posted here. Along somewhat similar lines (demi-analogue/digital book) is the Between Page and Screen project by Amaranth Borsuk and Brad Bouse.
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Watching it is like an Ur moment of a new media being born, Frankenstein creating a bastard creature with technology neither book or computer (the previous Frankenstein post is pure coincidence I guess the analogy somehow was planted). This idea of implanting circuits in paper is probably not new but have never seen it before, not as a craft project. It's steampunk with the mix of analog+digital, though not consciously, tries to be a real object.

(sorry OP should be "Electrolibrary", not "Electric Book")
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This could make for some really interesting art exhibits. This is brilliant.
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