It's a Different Nick Cave
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Nick Cave's Soundsuits: Calling up echoes of wild beasts, Carnival dancers, maskers and shamans, the "soundsuits" made of a wild diversity of materials by visual artist and dancer Nick Cave have life beyond the gallery. They're designed to be used in performances and 'invasions,' creating a sense of mystery, playfulness and joyful moments of community.
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My daughters preschool took the kids to see these at SAM, and she talked about it for a long time afterwards. We still have a postcard on the fridge.

Not, BTW, a side project of Australian singer-songwriter Nick Cave, as we thought for some time. Also the comic writer Warren Ellis is NOT a member of The Bad Seeds.
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I see the title covers that... :-)
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He's actually the first Nick Cave came to mind. First heard about him 10 years ago, and the idea of soundsuits was one of those things that just sticks with you.
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Nice to see them in motion - I have only seen them still, which is stunning enough.
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My first thought watching the dancers moving in the suits- "Oooh, that must be FUN."

My second thought "Oof, that must be HOT."
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One of the soundsuits, and possibly Nick Cave, are on the June 2012 cover of ARTnews.

Unfortunately the article isn't on that site, and I don't think html has a protocol for linking to this paper magazine I bought in a fit of soundsuit enthusiasm.
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Could we get one of these suits made for "No Pussy Blues". Damn!
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Bah! I thought you meant the black crow king...
Having said that, this is interesting stuff....
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I like this Nick Cave a lot better than the other one – thanks.
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It's also not, as I originally read it, "Nick Cave's Swimsuits," a Tumblr photostream chronicling the beach life of the sun-averse Birthday Party lead singer. The photos would cover most of his adult life, but still be strikingly similar: a doleful and annoyed Cave on a variety of Australian beaches, often smoking, always there against his will and better judgment at the urging of family or friends, always wearing a pair of quote-unquote trunks clearly improvised just before the beach trip by a man who's never actually bothered to buy a swimsuit in his life because what's the point really: black jean shorts, dress pants cut sloppily off at the mid-thigh, a pair of lady's culottes, boxer briefs...
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My partner loves nick cave, and is doing her undergrad thesis partially on his work. I love it as well, and am excited that it is getting more coverage.

It should also be mentioned that he is the on the faculty at SAIC.

I will try to get her to post a comment about him in this thread when she gets back next week.
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My girlfriend and I saw a Nick Cave exhibition on our first date. It was pretty awesome.
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Godfather of Goth-punk.

If you call him three times he appears and kills you.
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