Cooking with drag queens
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What do tostones, pumpkin pie flan, and egg nog have in common? Not much, except that you can learn how to make them by watching these drag queens' instructional videos.
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"Saltina Obama Bouvier". That is all.
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(paging Greg to thread 120149. Greg to thread 120149)
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Everything is better with drag queens.
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They should make tostones with a pumpkin pie egg nog reduction next, they have all the ingredients.
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Really? You forgpt the surprise?
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These girls are drunk.
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The Crushing .... The Crushing !!
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I was pleasantly surprised to see Brini Maxwell get some due recognition in that 15 must see link...
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How come the oil doesn't get splattery mad when the briny water hits it for the second frying? Is that a science thing or is that minimal shaking off enough?

I've gotten lots of water in hot oil burns :( I would like to avoid more.
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Pumpkin Pie Tostones with flan egg nog reduction:

1 can pumpkin pie filling
1/4 cup brown sugar
cinamon, nutmeg, anise to taste.
form into tostone shapes
dredge in grated coconut
fry in oil

let cool on rack
When cool dust with confectioners sugar
drizzle with flan egg nog reduction

That has got to be either the best or the worst ever.
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Oh hell. About ten years ago, I lived across the street from the Cambridge public access station. My roommate and I had an idea, which never came to fruition, that we called, "The TV Chefs." TV didn't stand for "television." I feel slightly violated.
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There are FIFTEEN cooking shows hosted by drag queens? That's one big niche.
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You can hire the glamorous Juanita More to cater your event. I've had her food and it's delicious. She's a woman of many talents.

Her food blog.
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Jizzy Coquito's for everyone!!
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LOLA VON MIRAMAR's name gave me the LOLs. Miramar is an area adjacent to El Condado, the tourist area that for us island folk is just Santurce. Miramar is at the other side of La Laguna del Condado and it was basically *the place* for gay cruising in the 70s & 80s.

i have a whole unpublished manuscript of my life growing up in Puerto Rico in the 70s & 80s and one chapter is completely dedicate to the drag & trans queens I came to revere growing up in Mayaguez. my town's name means in taino "Aguas Frescas" or fresh waters and it was the joke at the time that drag & trans queens were first harvested in Mayaguez due to our water and matured in Miramar.

it's weird sometimes for me to think that even though most americans look at Puerto Rico as some sort of backwater, in my backwater i was growing up with an incredibly cosmopolitan population which also, for all the bad of machismo, still found a place of respect for LGBTQ people.

not that homophobia isnt huge in Puerto Rico. it certainly is. but i grew up in the 70s not being fazed at all by people who cross-dressed, gender-bended or in the case of a friend's neighbor, who transitioned into womanhood after knowing her as a teen boy.

the US, in many ways, is worst than our backwater because 'murricans-fuckyeah-usausausa dont look at themselves as retrĂ³grados.
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Tostones are delicious, made properly and not with some crazy shit like pumpkin. All they really need is plantain, salt, and a bit of garlic. What comes from the same part of the world and uses the same base ingredient that is not delicious? Pastelones. Do not confuse with pastelitos, which are delicious.
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