Konna yume wo mita.
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[Contemporary Okinawan author] Medoruma cuts an odd figure. He plays the recluse but is also an angry writer, powerful and loquacious. His work is at times beautiful, and at others horrifying, often in quick succession…
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Well, another stack of books.
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Ah, crap, it was from Soseki. I should have known. Now I'm going to dream about it.

maybe: yabu no naka? 藪の中 on account of the Akutagawa thing.

I wasn't aware of Shun.

I was aware of the Okinawa thing.

Anyway, thanks for this link.
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Well shit...I am intrigued, but all I see available in English are a couple of short stories. (Hope and Droplet) and the non-fiction book. Will keep eyes very peeled for further translations.
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