Who loves ya? Scott Bradlee, apparently.
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Scott Bradlee is probably best known around the internet for his ragtime reinterpretation of classic 80's hits (previously), but that's certainly not the only thing he's done. There are the relatively straighter covers, for example. And then there's the other stuff.

Here's "Regulate" on toy instruments and cello. Here's Bruno Mars' "Grenade" and also "Suicide Is Painless". Here's three different kinds of New York. Here's that one super-obscure Gotye song and some kitchenware. Here's that less obscure Cee Lo Green song. Here's Nickelback, only decent and Motown. Here's "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" with a history lesson attached.

Here's the rest of his YouTube channel. Here's his new solo piano mashup album, which you can buy for eight bucks USD.
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Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue.
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I love how, on 'Regulate,' the cello player starts out looking a bit bemused, but starts head bobbing and getting into it around 25 seconds it. Awesome post.
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This is my organic fruit preserve.
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The History Twinkle was amazing.
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